The Summer Update

I am completely amazed at how quickly the last six-odd months of my life have sped by.  Academy has become a rock-solid part of my life’s routine, which has had both good and bad effects.  On the good side, the constant exposure to law enforcment training has slowly transformed me from computer nerd/slacker into something resembling a police recruit.  On the bad side, some of Academy life has become a little too routine.  I’ve been guilty of neglecting to bring required equipment to class on an occasion or two, and have committed other slips of the mind which wouldn’t have happened had I been more focused on the task at hand.

The most exciting activity recently was an opportunity to volunteer for a local police department during their city’s July 4th celebrations.  I was able to stand around looking very official and help people with various things while disappointing others by informing them that X road was closed.  I directed traffic with the classic red-coned flashlight, and perhaps most exciting event of the evening was when I was able to put my voice over a live police radio for the first time ever.

This week was an especially important one in my town, as we observed the one-year anniversary of the city’s most recent line-of-duty police officer death.  The fallen officer had deep local roots and so his passing was felt very powerfully throughout the community.  My Academy squad walked down to the city’s headquarters and observed a long moment of silence infront of the memorial, after which we heard a lieutenant’s recounting of the tragic event.  Walking home I felt a deep sense of pride and responsibility, reaffirmed in my desire to live and work in a city where a good man once died to help others.


2 Responses to The Summer Update

  1. PCSO Bloggs says:

    A real thought provoking post. I look forward to reading more.

    Thanks for the link and I have linked back.

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